Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Release Day R.K.Ryals!! Fist of the Furor is Here!!

Fist of the Furor 
The Scribes of Medeisia Book 3
By R.K. Ryals
Cover Design by Frankie Rose
Release Date: January 12, 2014 

“People die for freedom …” 

There is chaos in the kingdom of Medeisia. The rebels have gone into the mountains to hide, protected by the dragons. Their only hope lies in a band of insurgents who made an arduous trek across the Ardus to seek the aid of a king … 

Plagued by grief, seventeen year-old Drastona Consta-Mayria becomes a leader for her people, the voice of the common folk, the forest, and the dragons. Living now among the royalty of Sadeemia, Drastona and the rebels must navigate something much more complicated than war, politics. 

Prince Cadeyrn of Sadeemia is a powerful mage, a second son living under the constant threat of assassination. He’s a man existing in the shadow of tragedy. But there is hope in his magic, hope in the way he fights, and hope in what he can do for his country. 

War has been declared between Sadeemia and Medeisia, a war led by rebels and aided by a king. But can the rebels survive the court of Sadeemia? For in the magnificent marble halls lies betrayal. 

“People die so others may live.” 

Where do I begin? I've never been a huge fantasy reader, but this series has converted me! R.K. Ryals has awed me more with each of the books in The Scribes of Medeisia Series, and Fist of the Furor was beyond my expectations!! It is thoroughly spectacular! The characters, the intrigue, the twists and turns will all leave you breathless. There are honestly not enough stars to give. I love everything R.K. Ryals has written, but this book is a masterpiece! Be prepared for a book hangover, because your heart will be with Drastona and the rebels long after you read the last page. I am recommending this book and this series to everyone I know! 
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Books never die, but they can be forbidden. 

Medeisia is a country in turmoil ruled by a blood thirsty king who has outlawed the use of magic and anything pertaining to knowledge. Magery and scribery are forbidden. All who practice are marked with a tattoo branded onto their wrists, their futures precarious. 

Sixteen year-old Drastona Consta-Mayria lives secluded, spending her spare time in the Archives of her father's manor surrounded by scribes. She wants nothing more than to become one of them, but when the scribes are royally disbanded, she is thrust into a harsh world where the marked must survive or die.

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We must overcome and prevail ... 

King Raemon of Medeisia is slaughtering tattooed scribes and mages, forcing them into hiding. All marked and those associated with them are destroyed. The people are desperate. Months after challenging Raemon, the marked rebels of Medeisia must rise against their bloodthirsty king or chance being annihilated. 

Sixteen year-old Drastona Consta-Mayria is the prophesied phoenix of peace, desperate to be a leader for her people despite her reservations. Following the lead of a scarred and forgotten prince, Drastona will embark on a journey with an unlikely band of rebels and a dragon across a cursed desert to bring down a king and save a kingdom.

Now! Book 3 in this EPIC series is live for your reading pleasure!! Grab your copy of Fist of the Furor for only $2.99! 

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